Printable Wall Art

Wall Art Designs you can print them yourself or have them printed for you. Many themes, styles, sizes, and designs.

Digital Art for Clothing

Designing Awesome graphic tees or fresh pattern designs for all-over prints makes my heart go pitter patter.


I love illustrating for Novels, Children's Book and Funny Products.

Stationery Design

Designing for stationery is a passion that includes digital products like planners and journals. Stickers Rule!

Unique Home Decor

Country theme home decor is a specialty

Adult Coloring Books, Pages and Packs & Other Printables

My first love was designing Adult Coloring Books and I'm just not ready to give it up so I've made it a part of my portfolio. My book catalog consists of over 300 books and book covers I designed and self-published.

book coversbook covers

About us

BadAss Life Escapes is the portfolio of graphic designer Kimberly Hawthorne, showcasing her love of art and design. With a passion for creating unique and memorable designs, she can bring your vision to life.

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